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Dovercourt Community Hall


Dovercourt Community Hall has seating for up to 360, a large hardwood dance floor, overhead projector, stage with curtains, piano and lighting, commercial kitchen, clean modern washrooms, dedicated bar area, ample parking for cars, trucks, and motor-homes (no hookups).

We have 21 round tables (four foot diameter that seat 6) and 40 rectangle tables (21/2' X 6') that seat 6.

Camping and R.V. Parking

Camping is included with the hall rental at no additional charge. Please note there are no hook-ups but there is a fire pit for your enjoyment; firewood can be provided on request.

Want a family reunion?

We have a baseball field, horseshoe pits, playground, and a fire pit. You can choose from catered meals or potluck dining in the hall.

We have hosted many successful weddings, anniversaries, reunions, funerals, meetings, luncheons, fairs, etc. If you need more information please contact our Hall Booking Manager,Tracy at [email protected] or by phone at 403-418-6731 (c)

And don't forget if you are having liquor on site you must obtain the following:

Liquor Permit is required if there will be liquor served at your event and can be obtained from any liquor store. The liquor store I contacted quoted me a cost of $12.10 for a Private Non-sale Permit (if you are not charging for the drinks), and $27.10 for a Private Re-sale Permit (if you will be charging for the drinks). You are required to supply drink tickets; as well as, have someone to sell the tickets (they must be over 18 years of age).

P.A.L. (Party Alcohol Liability) insurance is something you can obtain from your own insurance company, and is a requirement in the Rental Agreement.A minimum amount of $2,000,000.00 is required. The Clearwater County and Dovercourt Community Hall must listed as "additional insured". Please contact your insurance company to obtain P.A.L.



Dovercourt Hall 403.844.0751

George's Kitchen 403.844.6791

Sandra Wolf 403.844.0175

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